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The mom wannabes have a time in their lives when they want to become a mother so badly and they later become mums at their own designated times. Different stories and experiences are shared by new mums as they are said to experience motherhood differently. It is said that being a mum is one of the best things that can happen to a lady as they watch their kids grow and experience life. Despite motherhood being the best thing that can occur to a woman, it has its own share of challenges. All the same, every new mom has her own wisdom on how to tackle these challenges. It is evident that amidst all these challenges , new mothers will have to raise their children in the best way ever. The most prevalent issues that new mothers face are as listed.

Lack of enough sleep for new mothers . Lack of enough of sleep is said to be natural for the young mothers. The fact that new mothers have to wake up as often as possible to attend to the baby leads to insufficient sleep. Lack of sleep is a gradual process that occurs at a particular time in the baby’s growth and development process and thus it is unavoidable. The fact that you will have to wake up and feed the child, change their diapers and check whether they are okay leaves the mother awake most of the times. Kids tend to cry all night when developing their first teeth and this results to the mother staying as well trying to calm the baby. Lack of adequate sleep can deteriorate your health and it has been recommended that mothers should seek assistance form someone who can keep watch over the baby as they have a nap.

Another issue with new moms is comparing the progress of their child to those of other people. Another common problem with new mothers is how often they keep on telling off their child’s growth add development to other people. This makes them to continuously compare the progress of their child with those of their friends and neighbors. Mothers whose kids may seem to be growing slightly slowly than others may tend to get stressed over the same. It is crucial that mother understands that kids develop differently and comparing their progress will only impose unnecessary stress. Young mothers also have a problem of dressing their children so as to impress other people. As a result, these kids are dressed in a manner that they impress all those that comes into contact with them.